Paper Submissions

​Paper Submissions for 2019 Conference

We welcome submissions and invite presentations from participants.  Any delegate who would like to present a paper, lead a panel, or be a member on a panel, should contact program chair Graham Steele as soon as possible: 

Our conference will also feature an award for best paper. Here are the details:  

CALSB Distinguished Paper Award  2019

There will be one distinguished paper award at the 2019 CALSB Conference. 

(1) Requirements:
Paper must be selected by CALSB for presentation at the conference
Author agrees to have paper considered for the award
Paper must be submitted to by no later than 11:59 pm (ADT) April 28, 2019.

Papers submitted after this date may be presented but will not be considered for the Distinguished Paper Award
Paper must be submitted in either MS Word or PDF format
Paper must NOT be published or already accepted for publication
Papers must be edited to remove anything that might identify the author or the author’s institutional affiliation(s) (including passages that refer to the author’s own prior work and subsequently referred to in a citation)
Papers must conform to a well-accepted system of citation within the discipline  - examples:

  • Footnote based styles
    • Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation 8th edition – also known as the “McGill Guide”,
    •   The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation 20th edition
  • Non-footnote based styles
    • APA - American Psychological Association style
    • MLA style – Modern Language Association of America style
    • Chicago Manual of Style

(2) Evaluation guidelines

Papers will generally be evaluated according to the following criteria:
Topic selection- interest and currency, societal significance, relevance to both law and business. In the case of the CALSB Distinguished Paper Award, the paper’s relevance or potential applicability to Canadian context will also be considered.
Research and Scholarship– advancement of scholarship – particularly addressing significant gaps in literature,  original and creative insight, strength of research – including use of primary and secondary sources, integration of legal principles / law within a business-related topic, quality of referencing (example: use of footnotes, explanatory notes etc.)
Analysis and Writing – coherency and logic of argument advanced, persuasiveness of position taken – including use of supporting points for primary argument, addressing contrary or alternative perspectives, effective use of headings and sub-headings, consistent formatting according to reference style, grammar and spelling.

(3) Selection:

Papers will be evaluated by an anonymous panel of judges.  The winner will be determined by the panel of judges in their sole and absolute discretion.  The panel of judges will not be providing any feedback or commentary to the authors. The award-winning paper will be announced at the 2019 CALSB conference in Halifax.